Great Western Valkyrie

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Great Western Valkyrie


Genre Rock englischsprachig
Bildformat jpg
Inhalt 1 Stk.
Gesamtspieldauer 047:40
Sänger Rival Sons
Medium CD
Titel Great Western Valkyrie
Vertrieb WE
Erscheinungsdatum 06.06.2014

Disk 1

1 Rival Sons Electric man (Take you to the sugar shack) 3:20
2 Rival Sons Good luck (It's going to hurt right now) 3:18
3 Rival Sons Secret (Just bring me a jar full of shine) 4:41
4 Rival Sons Play the fool (The way that girls talk) 3:17
5 Rival Sons Good things (Boy with a bomb in his jacket) 5:56
6 Rival Sons Open my eyes (Folding like a jack knife) 3:55
7 Rival Sons Rich and the poor (Her teeth bound by braces) 5:14
8 Rival Sons Belle starr (The gem inside sparkles yet) 4:35
9 Rival Sons Where I've been (The habit wasn't cheap) 6:18
10 Rival Sons Destination on course (Slipped from the rail) 7:06
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