Italeri 510006558 - 1:35 Mercedes Benz L3000

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Model Dim.: 17,9 cm
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The Mercedes Benz L3000 was widely used by German troops during theentire Second World War. Together with the Opel Blitz, it was the mainsolution for all logistics and transport needs of the Wehrmacht troops.From a technical point of view, the Mercedes Benz L3000 adopted amechanical solution with rear-wheel drive. Thanks to its reliable 74 HP4-cylinder diesel engine, the German truck was able to reach a maximumspeed of 70 Km/h. It was used on all fronts and even in the most severeoperating conditions, as in the North Africa environment during theAfrika Korps campaign, it always showed a good reliability andresistance. The Mercedes Benz L3000 was produced in 3 versions and inmore than 27.000 units. It has been the most produced Mercedes truck during ‘40s.
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Lizenz Italeri Plastik Modelle Militär Fahrzeuge 1:35
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